Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lucky feng shui for 2017 ( February 4 ’2017 - February 3’ 2018 )

photo credit: Dakiny Japanese Traditional Rooster (Ohiki) of Ueno Zoo : 雄鶏(尾曳) via photopin

2017 is the year of the Rooster in the Chinese zodiac animal symbols. 

Themes of 2017 are " reliance " and "confidence"、"creative power", 
" big change", 

Symbols of this year 2017  are  middle age man, black & white, the reverse side ( the back side ), dark, association, hole, secret plan, pregnant, sex, world crisis, selfishness, shadow, secret, taking a bath, swimming, doubt, gamble, reproduction, dream, sleep, restore, reconcile, make a grave, knitting, writing words, washing, worship, 

Lucky color for 2017 

Main colors : White, Silver, Gold, Pastel pink, Dark Blue, 

Supporting colors : Black, Gray 

Lucky items for 2017 

Glass, Hematite, towel, bed, bamboo, ink, pen, doll, stretch clothes, gathered dress, code, mirror, 

Lucky animals, creatures for 2017

Fox, raccoon, pig, white bear, bat, craw, owl, live fish, fish eggs, squid, octopus, animals that appears at night, tadpole, 

Lucky plants for 2017 

a holly (tree)、Japanese cypress、inter plum tree、wisteria flowers、narcissuses、Adonis ramose、Gleichenia japonica、orchid、lotus flower 、cactus , rose, 

Lucky foods for 2017 


Fishes, picklespickled [salted] vegetables、 


Milk, Fruit juice, 

Sauce & seasoning 

Salt, soy sauce, 

Lucky spots 

Bedroom, back side, back side gate, kitchen, bathroom, beach, abundant house, gas stand, hometown, river, hot springs, paddy field,the source of a river,

Lucky keywords 

Bravery、audaciousness ,share, freedom, 

Lucky directions for 2017 

Southwest, Southeast, Northeast, West, Northwest, 

Unlucky directions for 2017 

South, North, East, 

Warning directions for your traveling & moving this year are South, North, East

Never go traveling ( even business trip ) South, North, East directions from your house. 

If for some serious reason , you have to go to those directions, at least bring a lucky charm and try to focus on the present moment with no thought. 
And smile often. 

2017 Annual Lucky directions based on your Kua number 

Kua #1 - Southwest, West, Northeast, 

Kua #2 - Southwest, 

Kua #3 - Southeast, Northeast, 

Kua #4 - Southeast, West, 

Kua #5 - Southwest, Southeast, Northwest, 

Kua #6 - Southwest, Northwest, 

Kua #7 - Northwest, 

Kua #8 - Southwest, Southeast, Northwest, 

Kua #9 - West, Northeast, 

Annual lucky direction is used for  to a place where is longer than 500 km, and stay longer than one week. 

Please note : It always be aware for the combination of the monthly stars and annual stars whenever you go traveling or moving to a new place. 

How to protect your life and bring good luck for this season ? 

* Laugh a lot every day. 

* Give smile to people. 

* Cleaning your space often, especially South, North, East directions of your house by ringing a singing bowl or burn incense such as “Sage”
also good to spray " Purification " Alaskan Flower essence. 

* Go traveling to lucky directions. ( It’s be aware to check the annual and monthly stars both. ) 

* Focus only positive things often, and avoid to watch news and negative articles and information. 

* Make a habit to say positive words

* Give present or warm letter ( or email) to your loved one, friends and family and make them happy Wear good luck color outfit or items. 

* Eat good luck foods and drink. 

* Appreciate beauty, art, nature and enjoy the feeling. 

* Listening to positive sound of music which gives you power. 

* Have a good luck charm which make you feel happy. 

* Place 2017’s symbol animal Rooster figurine or image in your room. 

* Be surrounded by all your favorites. 

* Do “ 5 Tibetan Rite exercise” or “Yoga“. 

* Ring singing bowl around your space at least once a day 

* Display Happy Buddha statue in front of the entrance of your house. 

* Avoid to have fighting energy . If you get angry, accept your feeling first, and see yourself objectively. And then say the word “ thank you” many times with smile. 

* Gratitude for what you are having and receiving. 

* Do meditation twice a day, morning and before going to bed. 

* Give love to everything. 

* Live in the present moment with love and no thought

* Write gratitude journal before going to sleep or just after getting up every day. 

To attract wealth luck, 

* Write down the list of what you want to buy when you got enough money without thinking how to get the money. And think about what you want as often as possible. 

* When you buy something, feel good when you pay money. 

* Treat your friends or others and feel good about it. 

* Give money or gift which you can afford to someone and feel good about it. 

* Eat lucky foods for 2017. 

* Wear a gold coin pendant or a ring. ( if possible pure 24k gold is the best to attract money luck ) 

* Clean your bathroom every day. * Make Full moon/ New moon declaration every month. 

* Communicate with people who have wealth luck and exchange the money and always put the money in your wallet. 

* When you receive money, feel gratitude for it from bottom of your heart. With strong emotion, it will bring you more money multiplied. 

* Clean all the coins in your wallet with salt water. 

* Put money in a picture frame and decorate it in your wealth area of your house. 

* Decorate God of wealth figurine or image or Happy Buddha in your wealth area of your house or Northwest sector of your office. 

* Write a request message about your desire and put it under a wealth god , or happy Buddha and keep secret about it. 

* Love your wallet and money

* Watch videos or movies which have success stories. 

* Set up a good luck image in your screen savior in your computer or I-phone. 

For more information about feng shui for 2017, please visit the link below,