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Friday, May 04, 2018

Good luck Plants & Bad luck Plants - Negative Ion & Positive Ion Plants

You probably already know that plants have power to purify energy and air around their space. 

In feng shui, it’s well-known that it’s good to place plants in the corner of room or missing corner of our home to cut negative energy around the space. 

And it’s also important to know what kind of plants have power to purify the energy. 

There are plants which brings good luck or bad luck. 

Plants which flow negative ion create positive energy around the space. 

And these kinds of plants are the ones which bring good luck. 

On the other hand, plants which flow positive ion create negative energy around the space. 

And these kinds of plants can bring bad luck. 

So depending on the plant you are having in your home, it influences your luck especially health and wealth luck. 

It’s said that wealth luck / prosperity luck is coming through negative ion. 

In order to have happy & healthy life, we need to live in places where we are surrounded by negative ion ( which create positive energy ). 

What kind of plants bring good luck ? 

These are plants which have & flow negative ion and create positive energy around the spaces. 

Negative ion brings good luck, happiness, joy, harmony, success, good health. 

* Peace Lily 

photo credit: 石川 Shihchuan 2010-06-23 097 01 via photopin (license) 

* Chrysanthemum 

photo credit: andyoy2011 DSC_0398 via photopin (license) 

* Sansevieria trifurcate (snake plant ) 

photo credit: techieoldfox DSCN1454 via photopin (license) 

* Lady Palm - Rhapis excelsa 

photo credit: TreeWorld Wholesale Rhapis Excelsa (Lady Palm) via photopin (license) 

* Pine plant  

photo credit: cliff1066™ Japanese White Pine (Pinus parviflora) 'Zui-sho' via photopin (license) 

* Bamboo 

* Plum 

 photo credit: MShades Plum bonsai via photopin (license) 

* Pakira 

* Banyan plant 

photo credit: at_polarbear IMG_0596 via photopin (license) 

* Dracaena (plant) 

* Rubber tree 

* Parlour palm 

What kind of plants don’t bring good luck ? 

Here are the plants which are good to avoid ( do not bring good luck ) which have and flow positive ion to create negative energy around the space. 

These plants which flow positive ion and can bring bad luck, sadness, anger, hate, problem, jealousy, poverty, illness. 

* Willow 

* fig 

* a plane (tree) 

* Maple tree 

* Cycas revolute (Japanese sago palm ) 

* Poplar trees 

* Citrus fruits tree (kumquat, orange, etc…) 

* Fatsia japonica, paper plant, Japanese aralia 

* Monstera 

* Cactus 

* Philodendron sellout 

And also all kind of creeping plants such as below, 


* Pothos plant 

* Jasmine 

* Ivy 

* Sweet pea 

* Vanilla 

* Clematis florida 

* Symgonium 

* Philodendron oxycardium 

Unlike many other plants, those creeping plants are not independent to grow alone without having something to support them like wall or a stick while growing. 

Also creeping plants are aggressive which can cover all over your home by climbing walls. 

Those plants have energy of dependence ( instead of independence ). 

Those kinds of energy will start to depend on you and your family’s luck and pulling down your luck. 

In ancient times, it was told that creeping plants are called as “ money eater plants “. 

Creeping plants have positive ion and it create negative energy around the space. 

So it’s not only bad for wealth luck, but also it can bring health and relationship problem. 

It’s said that creeping plants have strong power to eat energy of anyone who is near these plants . 

So it’s better to avoid to have creeping plants in your home or balcony or backyard./front yard to have happy life. 

If you feel your life is not always going well, like often having financial problem, health problem, relationship/ family problem, failure at your work, your plants at home may be causing your luck. 

And when you change your plants in your home, to flow negative ion to create positive energy, your life may change to have happy life. 

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