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Feng shui symbols for your health & longevity

When we are healthy enough, we don’t feel it’s so important, but if you have good health, it means you have one of the biggest happiness in your life.

In feng shui the spaces where qi energy flows smoothly make your feeling good and bring good health.

There are also feng shui symbols for health & longevity which can help you to have long healthy life.

Here are some feng shui lucky symbols for your health & longevity. 

1. Crane 

Crane signifies long life and good health. 

Cranes are usually shown with other longevity symbols such as pine tree and a stone, also crane and peach in paintings. 

2. Turtle 

Turtle is known as the strongest longevity symbol and it is great to have real turtles in your house if you can.

If it’s difficult to have them , have the image of a turtle at the back side of your house or display decoration of turtle ( figurine) in the north area of your house. 

( but avoid to display it in your bathroom and kitchen ) 
Turtles live very long, and have determination. Good to have it for your great fortune and your healthy long life whether real or image. 

3. Turtle dragon 

Turtle dragon
has multiple symbols and not only the symbol of longevity and good health but also for prosperity, success, new beginning and protection

This mystical feng shui creature has dragon head and dragon symbolizes success, courage, determination and power.

Turtle dragon is sitting on gold ingots bed and it symbolizes prosperity and wealth.

Turtle dragon’s with a baby turtle on its back symbolizes wonderful descendant’s luck. Great to display it in the North or East area of home or office. ( except for bathroom, kitchen and bedroom ) 

4. Deer

Deer symbolizes longevity and wealth. Deer brings speed, endurance and long life.

Also it represents longevity of income and wealth. It’s an excellent image to have in the office, especially when draped with a necklace of lucky good fortune coins. 

5. Bamboo

symbolizes longevity and fortitude in the face of adversity. 

Having bamboo plants in your garden ensure that there will be longevity in any business you undertake. You will be blessed with your position and your wealth. 

6. One of 3 wisemen Sau ( god of longevity )

God of Longevity, called Sau is one of the most famous and popular Taoist deities. 

Sau symbolizes illness free long life as well as happy old age surrounded by lots of love.

Sau is usually displayed with other two wisemen Fuk and Luk in the living room or dining room. 

For more information about Fuk Luk Sau you can read it here.


7. Wu Lou

Wu Lou is a symbol of good health and contains elixir of immortality. Wu Lu is a bitter gourd container, it’s said to be the best cure for those who are ill.

Placing metal Wu Lou by your bed will ensure that illness bad energy will keep going away. 

The most effective Wu lou are made of brass. 

8. Peach tree 

Peach and peach tree symbolizes longevity. Displaying peaches ( real or decoration in the center of the home is excellent for family’s health. 

From my personal experience, displaying several peaches ( real or decoration ) in the southeast area of the room or house ( except for your bathroom ) can bring good romance opportunity.

For health and longevity, displaying peach tree ( decoration ) or peaches in the east area of your house can keep good health and long healthy life.

9. Pine tree 

Pine tree also symbolizes longevity and also strength in adversity. 

Having pine tree in your garden is also known as bringing good fortune especially healthy long life and wealth.

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