Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Feng shui - 5 elements in human bodies

We all have our main element as one of our symbols of our main personality. 

Plus 5 other sub elements which show more detailed personality depending based on the subject.

But basically, the main symbol influences each person’s original personality the most and influences our life and relationships.

I’m going to offer for all my customers who would like to know their main symbol element in my feng shui online store.

And today, I would like to talk about what each element has power and influence on people’s lives when they have balanced energy for each element.

Fire energy in the body

Well-balanced fire energy will give you active character, out going, joy, cheerfulness, polite, expressive and will keep you feeling motivated and passionate.

Too much fire energy can easy to make you feel anger and intense reactions. Short temper, and as a result, becomes over aggressive , overheated and offend others. Also taking action without thinking things through adequately.

Not enough fire energy can leave you feeling cold, distant, unattached from life and other people. You might even keep inside your anger rather than express it.

Earth energy in the body

Well balanced earth energy gives a feeling a sense of safety and security. You feel centered, grounded and respect your physical body. Responsible , trustful and steady.

Too much earth energy cause over protectiveness . Too much worry about future, and too care for you and your family’s protection.
You might feel stuck or worried that your loved ones will leave you or get some trouble. You can have a difficult time dealing with change and allowing abundance into your life.

Not enough earth energy creates a feeling where you might be careless about your own protection. You might tend to lack focus with your body and your head might be more in dreamland.

Metal energy in the body
Well balanced metal energy allows for clear, well thought out communication among family members. No single person dominates conversations, each speaks in turn like a catch ball. You are able to assert yourself, without being abrasive or rude. You like to know people and helpful to others. Brave, determinative and have great strength.

Too much metal energy can make energy sharp , critical to others- enhancing feelings of sarcasm, feel nosy, self-righteous. Or need to belittle others. With too much charge in the air. It is hard to relax, contributing to increasing stress.

Not enough metal energy can make you feel scattered and confused. Because metal increase the ability to concentrate and focus, it can also heighten difficulty in verbal communication.

Water in the body
Well balanced water energy helps you feel abundant, at ease, and in harmony with the world. You can feel and express your emotions without getting overly emotional and not being over dramatic. Finances stabilize and there is a feeling of security.

Too much water energy creates a tendency to be overly emotional and putting themselves as victims.
There might be frequent crying and distress with no way to get the emotional body in harmony with the mental, physical and spiritual body.

Also it also can result in depression and stagnation. Too much moving water can result in the feeling that life is moving too quickly and you cannot keep up.

Not enough water energy leaves you feeling drained and emotionless. Make you narrow-minded, unstable. Often changing your mind. Things don’t flow , finances are strained ; people are not as helpful , everything requires an enormous amount of effort. You might feel that things are scarce and that there is never enough.

Wood energy in the body
Well balanced wood energy is the essence of human kindness, steady, understanding and gentle, sympathy sharing. You listen with empathy and truly desire to support others.
You think things through carefully, are a good listener, and find others’ opinions interesting rather than threatening. Practical, independent, challenging and direct. Making perfect plan before take an action.

Too much wood energy makes for stubborn people. Like the oak tree, you might grow rigid and lose the flexibility of the bamboo. You tend to become focused on your goals, issues and concerns , ignoring others.

Not enough wood energy creates a situation where things change randomly, without control or reason. There is no rooted ness , you might start a project and then change to a new project without finishing the first.

If you find that you have too much or too little of a given element, you can use the constructive and subduing cycle to bring your body back into balance.

Feng shui elements with constructive cycle,

  • Fire generates earth
  • Earth forms metal
  • Metal condensation produces water
  • Metal produces water
  • Wood feeds fire

Feng shui elements with destructive cycle

  • Fire melts metal
  • Earth muddies water
  • Metal pierces wood
  • Water drowns fire
  • Wood breaks up earth

Feng shui elements with subducing cycle
  • Fire burns wood
  • Earth reduces fire
  • Metal moves earth
  • Water corrodes metal
  • Wood absorbs water